First Christian Church was organized in July of 1935 and met in the hay loft of a dairy barn located in the middle of the present Highlands subdivision of La Marque. The barn was owned by Louis and August Margot. J.C. Jordan served for the first year as the minister.

Following the organization of the church, Eddie Margot donated the tract of land on which the church now stands. Much of the materials for construction the church was donated and members and other residents of the community gave their time and labor. As soon as the building was enclosed, worship services were conducted inside where members sat on anything they could find, such as lumber resting on boxes. The Sanctuary was completed in early 1936. In 1959, and education building with 8 classrooms, restrooms and fellowship hall were added. Other additions and updates have occurred over the years.

July 2010 marked the 75th anniversary of this Church.  We would love to make contact with former members. Please send us an email with your, or any former member’s, contact information or send us a message, we would love to hear from you. Please send us an email at: fcclm@sbcglobal.net